Hollywood Waistband

Inspired by the relaxed, fill cut slacks from the Duke of Windsor’s legendary “Drape Suit”, Stinson R. Ely’s collection of dress and formal slacks is an Op-Ed letter from the past addressed to the future: Men have never looked as stylish, or as elegant, as they did when the Prince

Frank Sinatraof Wales and Hollywood’s dashing matinee idols once set the fashion stage that the collective world then faithfully followed.

A retro-inspired, back-to-the-future collection, it recalls an era of high-fashion elegance; of dashing dandies and posh  bon vivants. On the one hand, it boasts richly textured flannels and wool gabardines, all vibrantly colored. And on the other, resurrects the timeless elegance that signatured the drape suit’s dashing savior faire, its hallmark a softly fluid, uninterrupted drape that floated effortlessly, shoulder to cuff, a masculine, athletically flattering silhouette and a smoldering, broad shouldered sexuality won from its popularity among Hollywood’s most debonair leading men.

Noticeably absent a waistband and touting dropped belt loops, the drape suit’s deeply pleated, full cut slacks were often sported with sweaters or worn with sport coats by Cary Grant and Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Alan Ladd and other silver screen legends, sparking their own larger-than-life fashion rage as well as their eponymous name: The Hollywood Waistband Slack.

High-waisted and full cut, the fluid float of their drape tapers to a narrowed bottom. Boasting unrivaled comfort, their relaxed and roomy silhouette is an au contraire  and chic-ly comfortable counterpoint to the tight, body hugging shape of the now trendy slim cut look. Visually dramatic, their sleek, streamlined silhouette and smooth flowing lines are amplified by an absence of belt loops; in their place, the stylish elan of either belt-and-buckle side tabs or a belt-and-buckle back.

A mirror image of Stinson R. Ely’s own sartorially riveted design philosophy, its dress and formal slacks are resolutely contemporary, if not trend setting, their references anchored in classic themes but without weight of the past or taint of nostalgia. Throughout, it’s a collection that addresses a refined, self-assured man absent question or qualm, one who mixes elegance and modernism with a flair for tasteful flamboyance.