Signature of an American Dandy

Bereft of basics, Stinson R. Ely Bespoke is a dandies collection, exclusively. Throughout, it’s modern and visually dramatic, yet highly sophisticated and cosmopolitan. A narrowly defined, point-of-view collection, it purposely shuns the milquetoast and pusillanimous. It woos and courts, instead, a refined but risk assertive sartorialist, a man who effortlessly marries elegance and modernism with daring yet sophisticated flamboyance.

Hollywood Waistband

At every corner, it dares to take risk. It’s bold elan and sharply defined savior faire deliberately designed to be understood and appreciated by only the most adventurous and self-confident among men.

That it “dares to take risk at every corner” is an odd, if not au contraire, description considering it’s designs are minimalistic simple and visually devoid of extraneous detail. Its motifs are simple, timeless classics. Its palette, for the most part, shaved to just two colors.

The power that engines its sledge hammer wallop are a surprisingly small handful of sleight-of-hand-tricks that magically transform minimalist simplicity into daringly adventurous. Bold, oversized graphics are powerfully executed. Vivid color combinations pit the counterpoint of subtle neutrals against daringly adventurous brights. Collectively, they prove the timeless cliche that most visually compelling designs are those reduced to their simplest elements. Therein the design philosophy of Stinson R. Ely, a collection that pays tribute to the unswerving vision and design genius of Robbi Ely; it’s from her I learned all that I know now and now know to be true.